A Woman Can’t Enter This Building With Her Wheelchair. Just Wait And See What Happens When She Pressed THIS button

When a person has mobility problems and needs a wheelchair, stairs are a true nightmare. Luckily, the technology nowadays is so advanced that even these type of issues can be resolved. Just think of stair elevators; this way even wheelchair users can go up and down the stairs without any problems. However, stair elevators aren’t cheap and not all stairs are suitable for this type of technology. Cities are built for people that are able to walk and not a lot of people have thought about people with mobility problems when designing buildings. The company Allgood Trio thought this needed to change immediately!

With that in mind, the company thought of a brilliant solution that will get wheelchair users easily up and down the chairs. Sure, stair elevators were already invented a while back, but this invention is a lot more practical and easier to use, especially when in an electrical wheelchair.

This amazing piece of technology offers access to buildings to everyone, without having to adjust the stairs. In the following video you can see a woman in a wheelchair enter a building, using a specially designed platform elevator. Something that she wasn’t able to do before! Isn’t that great?!

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