THIS Brilliant New Invention Allows People In Wheelchairs To Climb Stairs

Having mobility problems can have a huge impact on your life. For many years, scientists have invented many different creations to make the life of people with mobility problems easier. Just think of the stair elevator! How great of an invention was that! Unfortunately, many issues still remain unsolved… Therefore, one Swiss company decided to think outside of the box and reinvent the wheelchair.

This brilliant project is named Scewo (previously Scalevo) and helps people in a wheelchair to easily get up and down the stairs in public places. By pressing only one button the wheelchair transforms in a stair climbing machine. After you’ve climbed the stairs you can transform the chair back to a regular chair by pressing the same button. The technique of this invention is astonishing and I am sure that Scewo will change lots of lives in the future.

Those looking to purchase a Scewo might have to wait a while, however. The website says that in order for this prototype to reach the market, they “would have to simplify the system to make it more robust, safer and easier to manufacture.”

That doesn’t mean that it won’t one day be available. Scewo has reinvented the wheelchair, and it’s this kind of forward thinking that can one day help everyone to live a full life.

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