She Pours An Entire Bottle of Vinegar in Her toilet. The Reason? This Works So Much Better Than I Thought!

Nobody likes a toilet covered in stains and lime buildup. Maybe you’ve noticed this before; exactly where the water ends in your toilet bowl, you find a nasty stain. I’m sure you have tried to clean this with your toilet brush multiple times but it is really hard to remove these buildup stains. Luckily we have found a very effective and easy method to help you get rid of these horrible stains!

It is probably best to know where these stains come from first. The most common reason is hard water. This has to do with the amount of calcium that is added to your water. Basically it all comes down to two substances – calcium and magnesium. When the water dries out certain substances remain behind, that eventually cause the stains on ceramic surfaces (especially in bathrooms and kitchens).

If you are sick and tired of having to deal with these stains in your toilet, you can use vinegar to remove them. When people think of vinegar they mostly think about a product related to food but apparently the product is also effective for cleaning the toilet and other ceramic surfaces. Thanks to this trick you will never have to deal with lime buildup and nasty stains ever again! Watch the video below to see exactly what you need to do.

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