Having Trouble With Snails In Your Garden? THIS Trick Will Get Rid of The Problem Immediately!

Snails in your garden can be pretty annoying. They eat the leaves of your plants and eventually your garden will turn into a true battlefield. The most disgusting part, the slimy tracks they leave behind.

While snails can be irritating, there is an upside to their presence. Snails take care of the leaves on the ground. Also, lots of animals eat snails so if you remove them from your garden, you won’t find any birds or hedgehogs in your yard anymore. A good thing to keep in mind if you want to keep the natural balance of your garden intact.

However, if you are really getting sick and tired of these creatures, you can easily build your own snail trap. It is easy, eco-friendly and the best part – very effective!

Firstly, cut the bottom part of a plastic bottle off and bury it in your garden. Afterwards, pour a bit of beer in a cup and your snail trap is ready to go! Please note that you shouldn’t pour too much beer in the cup because otherwise the snails will drown and die.

In the following video you can watch how to make your own snail trap, step by step.

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