He Places 4 Tomato Slices In A Bucket of Dirt. The Reason? I Didn’t Believe This Actually Worked!

Although there is nothing wrong with tomatoes that you can buy at the market or grocer, self-grown tomatoes generally taste a lot better. After all, there is nothing more delicious than vegetables from your own garden. The only point is that it is so much easier to buy tomatoes at the store.

You don’t even have to buy any seeds and you also don’t have to wait for weeks at a time to find out if your tomatoes are ripe and ready to eat. But what if I told you that there is a way to grow your own tomatoes and at the same time also can benefit from these perks? You see, every tomato that you buy can be a potential source of dozens of new tomato plants.

Tomatoes that you buy in the supermarket are grown to be sold as fast as possible, however mostly at the expense of the quality. At least with your own tomato plant you know for sure that the quality is the very best. So if you don’t like to buy your tomatoes at the store or if you just like to grow your own vegetables, watch the following video and find out how! Your taste buds will definitely thank you 😉

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