8 Amazing dusting tricks for a cleaner home that you need to try!

I think there are not a lot of people that actually enjoy dusting. However, there are a couple of smart tricks to make dusting a lot more efficient in a shorter period of time. We will share these great cleaningtrick with you, so you can also enjoy a cleaner home and have more time to do things that you actually like doing.

Continue reading to find out the 8 amazing cleaning tips to get your home dust free in no time!

1. Babywipes: You can clean your computer keyboard with babywipes to remove dust and dirt. Make sure that you turn off your computer before you do so.

2. Fabric softener:
When you mix fabric softener with water you can make a substance that absorbs dust. Pour the mixture in a spraybottle and spray it on a clean cloth. Use the cloth to clean glass tables, showerdoors and other smooth surfaces.

3. Paintbrushes:
The soft hairs of paintbrushes are very handy to remove dust from tight corners.

4. Pantyhose:
Form a bal of old pantyhose and attach this with an elastic band to a clothing hanger. You can use this to remove dust from underneath your fridge.

5. Gloves:
Use old gloves to clean breakable object such as lamps and glass. Spray a little glasscleaner on the gloves and clean the breakable objects.

6. Old socks:
Use an old sock to remove dust from blinds

7. Pillow cases:
Use a pillow case to clean your ceilingfan without the dust spreading through the entire room.

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