10 Ways To Protect Your Home From Burglary

Most of us are preparing to spend the holidays with our families. However, while love, warmth and stories are being shared over dinner, burglars are preparing for something very different. Pretty clever right? Seeing that during that time our homes are entirely empty. Who would do such a thing? you might wonder.. Rob a home during Christmas! Since there is an entire movie based on the concept.. I have to believe that it really does happen.

If you’re not like Kevin, don’t want to stay home alone and probably would like to spend Christmas not having to think about burglars, continue reading to find out the 10 signs that burglars pay attention to before breaking in. I guarantee that you will feel much more relaxed during the holidays or any other vacation period, after reading this.

1. Dark Corners

As you can also see in movies, burglars mostly strike at night. To prevent this from happening you can install lights with motion detectors. This way you’ll notice when someone is walking around your house. Especially when you have many dark corners in your yard or backdoor, burglars can see this as an easy way to access your home without anyone noticing. Burglars tent to watch a house for a while before committing the crime. This is the reason why keeping the lights on inside of your home is very important. The moment that robbers think that you’re on vacation, they will strike. Leave a light on to decrease the chance of a burglary happening when you’re not home.

2. Accesible expensive items

Nice car on the driveway, an expensive laptop on the dinner table and an antique painting next to the window. Having these items in plain sight, can be a direct cause of your home being entered by intruders. Burglars will only enter your home when they know for a fact that there is something valuable for them to steal. When you leave your house for a longer period of time make sure that all your valuables are stored away safely and out of sight.

3. Fences and/or Hedges

I understand that it can be great to have a little privacy in your own backyard. Unfortunately, you are not the only one that enjoys privacy, burglars do as well. A fence or high hedge can be the perfect tool for burglaries to take place. My advice to keep your privacy but also remain safe? Always make sure that your front and back door are in sight and that you have a motion detector light in your backyard.

4. Items Providing Access to Higher Floors

Store ladders, garbage cans and other items that can be used as a “stepladder” in your shed when you leave on vacation. A lot of people forget to close the windows of the upstairs, and that is mostly how burglars let themselves in. Also, make sure that you properly lock up the shed and the garage in order to prevent any stepladders from being used.

5. Mailbox

Burglaries mostly happen when you’re not home. The moment that it seems like nobody has been home for a while from the outside, that is when burglars will enter your home. Make sure that when you’re on vacation, it still seems like someone is at home. For example, leave the curtains open, open newspapers and magazines on the table and ask one of your neighbors or family members to pick up your mail.

6. Hidden Keys

It might seem like a good idea – leaving your keys in secret places. Only the problem is that most of these places are not that well-hidden as they seem. Burglars know where people keep their keys. Therefore, give your spare keys to a neighbor while you’re away. Also, make sure that if you’d like to label the keys, you don’t write your address on it only a name. This way you’ll lower the risk of your home being broken into when someone finds your keys.

7. Pet Doors

Believe it or not, but pet doors are regularly used as a tool by burglars to enter your home. How, you might wonder.. Well, dogs can be trained to open doors, even the dogs of burglars. This way the dogs can enter your home through the pet door and open the door from the inside. Make sure that your pet door is securely locked whenever you leave the home for a longer period of time.

8. Homes with Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners are a great tool for burglars to easily get into your home. This is because the machines are installed in a way that they need a part of the window to be open or not secured. Always install a security alarm that is aimed at the window or try other alternatives to secure your air conditioner. This way you make it harder for burglars to enter your home.

9. Easy Locks

When you leave your home make sure that your doors are properly locked at all times. It is not enough to only shut the door behind you when you leave. Make sure that you have double locks on your door that are difficult to open even with a card or a screwdriver.

10. Social Media

No one is going to put a note on their front door that says “Hey I’m on vacation” right? So why would you post it on social media? The moment that you post the dates of your absence on social media or even in a voicemail or out of office message, you open yourself up for a possible burglary. At this point thieves will exactly know from what date you’ll be gone and exactly when you’re coming back. It might seem convenient to let people know where you are at all times, but in this case it really is not.

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